The Path of Life

The Path of Life

Friday, November 15, 2013


NOTE: Another gem from Jean-Pierre de Caussade's
Abandonment to Divine Providence.

We are now living in a time of faith. The Holy Spirit writes no more gospels except in our hearts. All we do from moment to moment is live this new gospel of the Holy Spirit. We, if we are holy, are the paper; our sufferings and our actions are the ink. The workings of the Holy Spirit are his pen, and with it he writes a living gospel; but it will never be read until that last day when it leaves the printing press of this life.

And what a splendid book it will be -- the book the Holy Spirit is still writing! The book is on the press and never a day passes when type is not set, ink applied and pages pulled. But we remain in the light of faith; we understand nothing. We shall be able to read it only in heaven.

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