The Path of Life

The Path of Life

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A monk in the playoffs

"Baseball teaches us how to deal with failure.
Failure is the norm in baseball and,
precisely because we have failed,
we hold in high regard those
who fail less often--those who
hit safely in one out of three chances
and become star players.
Baseball, alone in sport,
considers errors to be part of the game,
part of its rigorous truth."

Francis T. Vincent, Jr., on baseball and life
The great debate season is under way. No, it has nothing to do with Republican vs. Democrat. This is much more momentous and significant: Who will win the World Series?
Yes, we have some monks who are baseball fans, and several of them have teams in the playoffs--including yours truly, who roots for the Cincinnati Reds. The Reds begin their October Odyssey tonight vs. the San Francisco Giants. I don't watch much TV around here, and typically don't stay up terribly late, but I may have to make an exception tonight (the game is on the West Coast).
The actual purpose of this post, however, has less to do with baseball and more to do with simple logistics. There will be no Scripture commentary on this Sunday's Mass readings, and I suspect further postings will be rather sparse and sporadic the next few weeks. This is not because I have baseball fever (I do; but it's an "illness" you can play through). Rather, a number of other projects, engagements, and responsibilities are currently demanding my attention.
I am currently wrapping up a book I have written for the Abbey Press, which will be published at the beginning of the new year, tentatively titled The Way to Eternal Life: Contemporary Reflections on the Traditional Stations of the Cross. Besides my own reflections, the book will feature the artwork of our late Fr. Donald, and will be released around the one-year anniversary of his death (and also in time for the beginning of Lent). This project has taken up a considerable amount of my time the last several weeks, and that promises to continue for a least a couple more.
In addition, I have a number of oblate conferences to deliver in the coming weeks, as well as a talk at our Monte Cassino Shrine (Oct. 21) on the subject Mary, Our Partner in Prayer (an address I have yet to write--yikes!). Furthermore, there are a number of appointments with spiritual directees and our daily round of ora et labora in the monastery. Somewhere in there, I also need to begin the enrollment application process for the new Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Direction Program in the School of Theology which I will be entering in January. And I really need to clean my room!
So, the blog must temporarily take a back seat. Come the beginning of November, things should (hopefully) ease up a bit, and I should be able to resume posting more regularly.
In the meantime, my primary dilemma seems to be how to get all of the above accomplished and still pay attention to what the Reds are doing on their way--presumably--to the World Series. Our Fr. Eugene has advised me that "all work must be put aside during this sacred season." However, he's a Cardinals fan, and I think he's just trying to get me in trouble. Never trust a Cardinals fan! Otherwise, he's pretty much OK. Everyone has their flaws.
Wouldn't a Detroit Tigers-Cincinnati Reds matchup in the World Series be close to divine? Of course, both the Left and Right would hate it--that is, those on the Left Coast and the Right Coast, who have yet to learn that sometimes it's best to meet in the Middle (as in Midwest).
But I digress. Back to work...
Play Ball -- Go Reds!

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