The Path of Life

The Path of Life

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

If today you hear his voice ...

Congratulations to five young men who recently entered the monastery and today received their monastic tunics (everything but the scapular with its hood, which will be received, God willing, when they become novices in January). Now, these candidates, as they are now called, can join us in choir for the Divine Office.

They are: Candidate Timothy Herrmann, Candidate Jinu Thomas, Candidate Peter Szidik, Candidate Jonathan Blaize, and Candidate Thomas Fish. They joined us on October 19. May God bless and guide their discernment with peace as they heed the Lord's call.

We are practically brimming with newcomers these days--which is awfully good to see! Besides these five candidates, there are currently two novices and four juniors (monks in temporary vows who have not yet made their solemn profession). This number does not include those junior monks who are "on loan" to us from other monasteries as they complete their studies in our Seminary and School of Theology.

All in all, this is the biggest group of juniors/novices/candidates we've had here in quite some time--many years, in fact. Please keep them in your prayers, and pray that even more may hear God's voice in the near future.

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