The Path of Life

The Path of Life

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rapt in serenity

"A mist quickly heals all things."
Sirach 43:22

It was a still and foggy morning here at Saint Meinrad Archabbey today. On my way to work at the Abbey Press, through the mist I spotted this squirrel having breakfast--or counting its toes; I couldn't tell which. I wanted to get a bit closer, but was afraid of spooking the bushy-tailed varmint. In any event, I was entranced by the contrast between the murky, moisture-laden air and the bronchial-like web of barren tree limbs which the squirrel navigates so effortlessly and securely. The only thing better than a foggy morning, I think (unless you have to drive somewhere in it), is a snowy twilight, or perhaps a rainy evening in a warm room under a metal roof. Gifts of stillness meant to envelop and soothe us with God's unyielding presence.

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